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Netural and BooBoo Tannenbaum, our favorite illustrator, present a beautiful way to support the Austrian "Nachbar in Not" Ukraine aid.

Bombs drop on hospitals, children hide in basements, homes lie in ruins, millions are displaced. We, you, and all those whose heart is in the right place want to lend a hand. But how?

Berlin-based illustrator BooBoo Tannenbaum is Netural´s long-standing creative collaborator, and has first-hand experience with life as a war refugee. She has designed a poster for our initiative. It is called "Hope", captures the power of nature and conveys the unburdened freedom of flying birds in the face of destruction.

Netural invites you, dear reader, to help. Here and now, because help doesn't get any more beautiful than this:

You are cordially invited to download the poster "Hope" in print quality and make a voluntary donation to "Nachbar in Not".

Download “Hope” for free use as a poster, as a framed picture, as a T-shirt print.... - and above all as a sign of solidarity and a reminder that we must not allow the unspeakable to become a new "normal".

Your contribute for
"Nachbar in Not"

1) Donate

For the last three decades, "Nachbar in Not" has been the first address for helping hands in Austria. Founded by nation TV station ORF, Caritas and the Red Cross, this institution has been organizing donation-funded relief operations since 1992 whenever disasters or wars befall people in our world. We gladly support the "Nachbar in Not" Ukraine aid as a partner.

Therefore, please follow the link to "Donate Now." Donate directly to the victims of the Ukraine war. And download a bit of hope in its most beautiful and colorful form:

2) Download the poster

Once you have completed your donation, please download the poster in high resolution here. If you would like to have your poster printed in gallery quality and professionally framed, we recommend WhiteWall's service.

What you will receive:

  • Poster DIN A2 (PDF, JPG)
  • Information sheet on gallery-quality printing and framing service from WhiteWall (PDF)
  • Spread the
    word, please!

    Thank you for your support, and if you like our initiative, please share the link to this page, but please do share not the print file itself. Thank you for donating Hope!

    Article: 01.06.2022




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