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A Special Mention at the German Design Award
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The reward for a holistic digital strategy with long-term horizon is customer satisfaction – and more: PlusCity and their digitialization partner Netural won silver in the "Digital Services" category of this year's Annual Multimedia Award.

PlusCity, Austria's most dynamic shopping mall with about 250 stores and restaurants, is determined to offer visitors and tenants a continuous stream of new, attractive digital services, increasing both customer satisfaction and the efficiency of mall-wide marketing activities. To this end, Netural was invited to join in the creation and implementation of a holistic, integrated, long-term digital strategy with modular expansion capabilities. This is a long-term development process, driven by the vision of a "Mall Operating System", a digital operating system that orchestrates all aspects of mall operation to perfection. Winning a coveted award in a prestigious competition marks the final culmination point of the current project stage.

For decades now, the Annual Multimedia Award has counted among the leading digital competitions in the German-speaking countries. Created in 1996, it documents the state of the art and all latest trends in digitalization. Every year, twelve prominent jurors from the science, marketing and creative fields select the really groundbreaking among hundreds of submissions, handing out gold and silver awards in numerous categories.

Netural and PlusCity entered the race with the Mall Operating System. Its current expansion stage integrates the PlusCity website, the PlusCity app and touch terminals in the mall into an ecosystem of digital services, offering added value for visitors, store operators and mall management alike. The system keeps growing: Seat reservation in mall restaurants, store guide and parking guide, personalized news, event invitations and vouchers add up to superior shopping convenience, support tenants' marketing efforts and help the mall management to efficiently coordinate and control activities. A prime example in this respect is the digital Marketing Cockpit. It provides store operators with footfall projections derived from weather forecasts and traffic reports and enables them to participate in promotions, events or voucher campaigns by just a few mouse clicks.

The always expanding PlusCity Mall Operating System produces measurable success, driving up sales for the tenants, providing more efficiency for the management, creating a first-class shopping experience for visitors - and now winning the Annual Multimedia Award in silver. We thank the jury, and look forward to the upcoming projects on PlusCity's digital roadmap!

Article: 03.11.2022




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