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How Platforms Really Make Sense

Digital platforms accelerate information flows and sales and distribution processes, thereby increasing corporate efficiency. With support from Netural, voestalpine has implemented eva - an acronym for "enjoy voestalpine" - as an umbrella under which powerful online tools make placing and processing orders as quick and simple as online shopping.

Steel production is a science, and steel mills are highly complex machineries. Sales and customer service, production planning and logistics have to juggle huge data sets: Materials, quantities, transport capacities, standards, technical documentation… - Even with experienced specialists on both ends of the line, each single individual order placed and processed on a conventional B2B system will eat up several man-hours.

With support from Netural, voestalpine has now installed a business platform with powerful online tools which accelerate information flows and ordering processes to an amazing pace. The mission of "eva" is to make digital order processing for steel quick and easy like never before:

The Customer Service Center

It accelerates and simplifies the ordering process and all related information flows between customer, sales, logistics and the production line of steel mill voestalpine. Customers can now define steel quantities, qualities and delivery dates online, in clear, individualized masks, and at previously unimaginable speed and convenience. Slow, time-consuming and labor-intensive ordering processes are suddenly a thing of the past. The information flow integrates not only the production line but also logistics, including the selection and planning of transport routes and delivery times. The Customer Service Center combines the functions of formerly two business portals, serves three voestalpine business units at once, and maps the enormous complexity of the entire B2B process chain from order entry via production to delivery - with the customer and his needs at the center of all planning, ordering, and logistics. Documents, certificates, orders, delivery bills and invoices are available for lightning-fast access.

The Product Data System

Clear, fast, with an individual sales team view and an expert tool that supports voestalpine engineers, taking only milliseconds to browse through thousands of options. The Product Data System´s sophisticated filter architecture provides all users - customers, sales, logistics and engineering - with all the information they need in a targeted manner for a smooth and fast process flow.

Built for growth

"eva" is a platform built for growth: The already existing applications will be joined by more in the foreseeable future - all accessible via the common dashboard and created to make steel-related processes faster, more transparent, more efficient and more convenient for users. A more than solid basis for future platform innovations and process improvements!

Article: 12.10.2022




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