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Netural believes in making beauty, elegance, convenience and clarity tangible while hiding the underlying complexities, enormous as they may be. Overwhelming complexity hides behind “eva”, voestalpine's new customer service dashboard. “eva” is the acronym for “enjoy voestalpine”, and there is promise in that name.

Steelmaking is a science and steel mills are impossibly complex machineries.
Production planning and logistics juggle thousands of parameters, from materials, quantities and transport capacities to standards and technical documentation. Even with experienced specialists on both ends of the line, it takes hours to complete one single online order on a conventional B2B system. Supported by Netural, voestalpine has now taken a bold step towards the future, installing powerful online tools that accelerate information flows and ordering processes beyond all expectations.

A promise fulfilled

eva is the umbrella under which voestalpine gathers all digital services, those already introduced as well as those still in the pipeline, with one unified dashboard and one login giving unrestricted access to responsive, state-of-the-art web applications that conveniently cover the individual needs of every single user.

Part of the solution: the Product Data System. Clear, smooth, fast, with a special sales team screen and an expert tool that supports the voestalpine engineers, browsing through thousands of options in mere milliseconds. A sophisticated filter architecture provides customers, sales force, logistics and engineering with all necessary information for a smooth and speedy process flow.

Also at your service: the Customer Service Center. It replaces two former business portals, serves three voestalpine divisions, and maps the enormous complexity of the entire B2B process chain from order through production to delivery, with total focus on the customer and his needs.

The complete history of each individual customer is stored in the Customer Service Center: Documents, certificates, orders, delivery notes and invoices, all available for lightning-fast access. With previously unimaginable speed and convenience, customers can now define steel qualities, quantities and delivery dates online, using clear, individualized masks.
Excruciatingly slow, time and labor consuming, order processes are now history. The information flow from the Customer Service Center integrates both production and logistics, including the selection and planning of transport routes and delivery times.

Much like the steel they sell, all eva online tools hide an enormous complexity beneath their attractive, user-friendly interfaces: Based on the "frontstage" services they sort through dizzying of data in milliseconds and provide users with information in clear masks and high-performance applications. With eva's architecture, everything is possible - and more is already in the pipeline. Enjoy voestalpine.




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