Leaving the Nest: Netural´s Social Media Subsidiary

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Another offspring fledges: Netural´s „Content & Community“ unit has grown up to become young, innovative social media agency „Social Hearts“ - a boutique agency offering strategy development, editorial organization, content creation and reach boosting.

The domain is set up. The website is online. Social Hearts sets out as an independent Vienna-based spin-off, led by the steady hand of former unit manager Birgit Hajek. The 36-year-old managing director and partner will keep her team, her thriving network of freelancers and influencers to serve – and further expand – a healthy client base. Renowned Austrian players including Foreign Trade Austria, Swarovski, W & H and Wien Energie rely on Netural's social media competence. "With Social Hearts, this competence is now concentrated in a strong and agile subsidiary ," says Netural CEO Albert Ortig.

Albert Ortig, CEO Netural, and Birgit Hajek, Managing Director Social Hearts, rely on social media events.

Birgit Hajek´s special focus is on the planning and management of social media events like, e.g., Instawalks and blogger meetings: "To efficiently compete against the current information overflow on all channels, we recommend using very special personal brand experiences to turn users into loyal fans." Building on rich experience from numerous cross-media projects, Social Hearts sets out with a considerable headstart in this increasingly important segment.

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Article: 30.09.2019




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