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Transformation towards digital sales is never a walk in the park. How do you keep everyday operations running smoothly while initiating radical changes of essential business processes? Making the move will potent innovation instruments to your toolbox, but managing the inherent risks is a serious challenge.

Keeping up Stability while Innovating - how?

Transforming sales processes is open surgery at the heart of a business. Best-in-class companies face the challenges of speed. They need to make their products available in apps and online shops with utmost speed. Meanwhile they have to integrate the whole system periphery into the new digitized sales environment, which is an inherently complicated, slow process.

New Perspective: Two-speed Transformation

Over four years of continuous development, Netural has created a solution for building digital processes on existing environments with ease and flexibility”, says Netural CTO Stephan Lechner. Frontstage is the first cloud-based platform for displaying not yet integrated data. This means creating fully functional digital sales tools without having to solve all the complexities of fully integrating the background databases.

Frontstage covers the gap between non-integration and full integration, says Netural CEO Albert Ortig: „Frontstage opens the gate to bring digitization to markets with enormous speed without risking the stability of core processes during innovations.”

Rethinking Integration: Frontstage at Work

Some examples from our current project landscape illustrate typical challenges for companies who digitize sales processes. They prove that Frontstage will deliver everything that customers need.

Scenarios Challenge Solution
Frontstage as Data Provider The customers operates multiple backend systems, but the data are not yet available for the app. Frontstage is smart enough to operate the app prototype with mirrored data.
Interface Integration and UX Integrate existing big brand back-ends (SAP etc.) to create a convincingly functional, aesthetically pleasing user experience. Using Frontstage to deliver content for für B-2-B and B-2-C users - beautiful, fast, and available both online and offline.
Convincing Prototype Presentations Winning stakeholder support for sales application projects. Frontend rapid prototyping creates convincing simulations without the need for backend integration!

Data integration in a sales app is always a complex bi-directional process. As a software, Frontstage closes the gap between non-integration and full integration, dynamically supporting structured business digitization.

Integration Showcases by Netural´s Clients

The adidas e-Catalog - it brought the complete 2017 collection to the tablet for the first time:

Migrating a success-critical sales tool from traditional print to full digital in very short seven months, and without a plan B, created the key to digitizing the multi-stage B-2-B sell-in process. – A multiplatform application, which steers the whole process on stationary and mobile devices, and also on additional monitors, providing everything from photo-realistic 3-D product views and digital catalog assortments down to augmented reality POS presentations.

The Swarovski Crystal Collection app – it shines with unparalleled UX and aesthetic quality:

The Swarovski Crystal Collection app digitized Swarovski´s most important crystal sales tools. An interface connects to the SAP system, making all data available in real-time, and also offline on iPads – with superior speed and aesthetic quality. This app has won the coveted SAP Innovation Award and multiple awards for user experience design excellence.


On the forefront of digital development since 1998, Netural provides prominent brands with digital services for success-critical business processes, for instance sales apps, digital catalogs for sales teams, product configurators and POS presentation tools.

Your contact for digital sales solutions: Netural CTO Stephan Lechner, m:, fon: +43 732 790903.

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Article: 30.09.2019




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