Swarovski App "Crystal Collection"

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The spotlight is on finest Swarovski crystals, 20,000 types in all. Couturiers and designers around the world draw glamour for their creations from them. The new Swarovski Crystal Collection App is the digital version of an outstandingly important selling tool for Swarovski loose crystals - an interactive catalog and sample library which is almost omnipresent in the world of fashion design.


Netural has levitated the printed catalogs onto the tablet as an app. This additional option for presenting products gives international top brands and designers extended insight into the world of Swarovski crystals and a truly unique user experience as well.

An elegant, intelligent filter architecture leads to the desired crystal in a few easy steps. A mood board supports quick configuration. All crystals are shown in all colours, shapes, sizes and fastenings, interactive and in excellent picture quality. An interface to the SAP system keeps the data on the iPad up-to-date. The app works offline as well - while traveling abroad or in areas with unreliable net connections.

Apart from its exceptionally intuitive interface, what makes the app really shine is its artistic engineering: Intelligent updating mechanisms keep the iPad agile in spite of the enormous amount of data. The Swarovski Crystal Collection App´s primary target group are Swarovski´s registered business clients, who use a personal login to access ordering routines and comprehensive marketing materials. The app is available for free download at the App Store, also in a B2C version with reduced content.

Practical usefulness becomes tangible right away: A few short, amazingly easy steps take Swarovski business clients through all the thousands of crystal variations to the one they are looking for. The whole, completely up-to-date product range is always at hand - whenever and wherever.




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