Telekom Austria App "AVUS Reviermanager"

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Essential support for hunters and gamekeepers by app: Cameras which record game movements in hunting grounds make game-keeping more efficient and enjoy growing popularity. For the AVUS Game Camera, Netural has developed an app which sends game camera pictures automatically to smartphones and enables in-depth analysis.

AVUS Game Manager is the first service to be activated on STARTify, the new cash&carry platform which Telekom Austria has developed in cooperation with Netural. This platform is the first to offer a standardised framework for machine-to-machine communication and therefore a working infrastructure for automatised data exchange between devices, sensors and servers. Installing and using the service is surprisingly simple: SIM card and AVUS Game Camera come “matched” from the shelf. All the user has to do is insert batteries, place the camera in the hunting ground and download the app to the smartphone. The system is activated by a simple registration mail to automatically provide information about hunting ground, game and animal behavoir in context with weather information about, e.g., temperature, wind and phase of the moon.

The AVUS Game Manager app is a smart tool with comprehensive analytic functions, extremely simple to use and also a showcase for the „internet of things“.




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