e-Health: Netural Joins Medical Model Project as a Syndicate Partner

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The MEDUSA („Medical EDUcation in Surgical Aneurysm clipping“) project beat three other contributions to become Upper Austria´s Model Project in Medical Engineering. Netural joins twelve other syndicate partners to create an innovative training and planning platform for neurosurgery.

Netural Reasearch for Advanced Medicine

Neurosurgery of the brain is extremely demanding and calls for exceptional surgical skills. A neurosurgery simulator connects real and virtual worlds to create a versatile and highly realistic training environment. Surgeons train their haptic skills on an artificial patient, viewing normally invisible anatomic structures as virtual holograms. Netural will contribute rich user experience knowhow to this groundbreaking medical research project.

A Boost for Medical Engineering in Upper Austria

In this research project, Netural joins a syndicate of globally leading companies, leading medics and innovative research and education facilities. This model project with a budget of 2,3 mio Euros will boost Upper Austria´s standing as medical engineering location, highlighting the region´s medical sector internationally.


Netural has studied Virtual Reality application in healthcare and prevention for some years now, engaging in numerous successful research&development projects.

For more information about Netural´s e-health department, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Stephan Lechner (CTO) and Mag. Robert Hartmann (Head of Digital Health):,

Article: 15.03.2019




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