Storyblok. A (Small) Revolution.

Fast and Flexible in Facing Change
"Developers Around the World Find Storyblok Convincing. T ...

Netural ́s CEO Albert Ortig never had ambitions to introduce a content management system. But developer Alexander Feiglstorfer came up with a very convincing new approach, and now Storyblok is Netural ́s latest spin-off.

The homepage of Netural ́s latest spin-off Storyblok.

Flexibility Replacing Complexity

Something went wrong along the way, and we see it again and again when working on the webs of our clients: Before digitization, an editor ́s only limits were his or her imagination - and the size of a sheet of white paper. Nowadays, most editors feel like prisoners caught up in rigid systems, longing for more flexibility and radically reduced complexity.

Netural ́s Developer Alexander Feiglstorfer has heard the call. It inspired him to invent and develop Storyblok, with partner Dominik Angerer ́s passion for coding driving the project forward. They have come up with content editing of unheard-of agility. What drives them on? Read their Interview.

The Storyblok editor offers unique flexibility, speed and intuitive layouting.

What distinguishes Storyblok from the competition?

It speeds up work by a factor three, and with better quality results. This cloud-based solution provides softwar
e as a service, based on one of the world ́s leading infrastructures, Amazon AWS and Amazon Cloudfront CDN. Storyblok enables intuitive content editing, with entering and editing content in the layout. And, most importantly, it does not limit technologies, offering access for every developer.

„Storyblok will beat all established systems,” predicts Albert Ortig. The reasons: It dramatically reduces the complexity of content management systems and speeds up the developer ́s work like never before.


A growing number of prominent companies already uses Storyblok:

They all love the system, and are still far from finding any limits. To learn more about Storyblok, best turn to Dominik Angerer. He is the developer, and will gladly show you all there is to know:

Article: 22.06.2017




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