"Developers Around the World Find Storyblok Convincing. This Motivates Us!"

Storyblok. A (Small) Revolution.
Netural Launches „Responsive Spaces“

Netural's developer Alexander Feiglstorfer has conceived and developed the Storyblok content editing system, and Dominik Angerer's passion for coding has moved the project forward. Two masterminds in one interview:

Content editing revolutionaries: Alexander Feiglstorfer and Dominik Angerer.

Alex, Dominik, you enter the new Storyblok enterprise from different angles. Alex, you worked in Brazil, successfully introducing an e-commerce solution. Dominik, you joined Netural immediately after graduating from a technical college. What brought you together?

Dominik: Quite obviously Netural. I thing we both have a strong focus on solutions and, out of principle, meet challenges head-on. As soon as Alex had the first prototype ready, I knew that we were on to something big. Here is a solution for all the problems I have seen and experienced again and again over the years I have been with Netural.

Alex: We share a passion for web technology and a lively frustration with content management systems. We both have tried them all, and again and again with the same unsatisfactory experiences. We think that Storyblok will solve all these problems.

Storyblok started out as a product. Nor it is a business. What are your business objectives?

Dominik: Our main objective is quite simple. We want a growing number of developers to use Storyblok to create mind-blowing things. It is already happening, and we keep getting better: simplified onboarding, more helpful documentations and how-to's, maybe a marketplace for Storyblok themes to open Storyblok for "non-developers". More plugins and apps – anything goes! Of course we have to set priorities and deliver first things first. Here, we get valuable input from our growing user base and of course, Netural ́s clients.

Alex: We want developers around the world to experience the intuitive simplicity of creating an editable website using Storyblok. Much like the iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone market, Storyblok has revolutionary potential in the CMS market.

Can you describe Storyblok? What does Storyblok do better than the other content editing systems?

Dominik: In numerous Netural projects, we could demonstrate how easily it will integrate in existing systems like e-commerce platforms, single page web applications, older CMS systems and native apps. You can also do whole websites with complete functionalities for easier maintenance. Many current content management systems follow one and the same principle, fencing developers in with a limited technology stack. We think that a CMS should focus on its core task, which is content. Developers rarely need assistance with visualizations.

Alex: Storyblok wants to provide developers with a tool for embedding CMS into projects with minimal effort. This is a cloud solution without any need for server setups. But the real game changer of Storyblok is that by using components, you can embed absolutely every conceivable file structure. Most competing systems are too rigid and not flexible enough to do this.

Which field of application is best suited for Storyblok?

Dominik: Absolutely anything related to editorial content! Storyblok is absolutely great at adapting to individual use cases. Developers can adapt the whole editor and upgrade any time without giving up flexibility.

Alex: The name says it all – it is brilliant for "story"-telling. Using content blocks, editors can very easily create a variety of layouts. Using customizable components, the developer can limit the layout changes by the editor.

What keeps you going, and how do you collaborate in developing Storyblok?

Dominik: Developers around the world register with Storyblok and try it out. Convincing others and, more than that, even sharing our excitement with them is what drives us! We both are developers, and I say that Alex is superior, but we both contribute our individual qualities. With different approaches, but strict solution-orientation as a common ground, we complement each other very well.

Alex: Our main motivation is helping other developers to quickly solve problems. When project work is three times more efficient than with conventional content editing systems, our mission is accomplished. Dominik loves to show this off in his demos, and he always leaves clients as well as developers really impressed.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy coding!


Article: 23.06.2017




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