Netural Launches „Responsive Spaces“

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Getting a Grip on „Work 4.0“

Netural has always cultivated fertile ground for creative research. It has produced numerous prize-winning innovations which have become part of the Netural Group's success. Launching "Responsive Spaces“ is another step in this direction.

Responsive Spaces: Story Living.

What is Responsive Spaces about? In short: Walkable and graspable digital installations. Or, slightly more detailed, interactive multi-media applications which create impressive brand and product experiences in spaces. They are enormously helpful wherever emotions are to be triggered and stories should become tangible. Spaces are understood in their widest sense here, including not only retail spaces and trade show booths, but also vehicles and all kinds of abstract or temporary environments: Think exhibitions or interventions in public spaces.

Forward-looking: Responsive Spaces head manager Markus Pargfrieder.

Career in Space

Markus Pargfrieder has been with Netural from the very start. Now, after 17 years in the team, he is now managing partner of Responsive Spaces. A favourable constellation of organizational culture and talent has led him to running his own company within the company. His personal background ensures an ongoing strong integration of Responsive Spaces in spite of the spin-off. All Netural core competences remain part of the package.

Software Meets Hardware

So why take the trouble to spin off? Simply because growing in this special field demands a special approach: While Netural always seeks direct collaboration with clients, Responsive Spaces thrives in interdisciplinary teamwork with exhibition architects, event agencies and artist groups. Another important factor is hardware and equipment being extremely important for the business of Responsive Spaces, much more so than it will ever be for Netural.

Prestigious Clients

We run a wide variety of projects. Theoretically, the applications possibilities are unlimited. Practically, Responsive Spaces has pushed boundaries with projects like a virtual luxury yacht walk-through, an art installation at the current Venice Biennale, and projects for prominent brands in the automotive sector. Sadly, some really exciting current projects are subject to strictest confidentiality, and we can only hope that one day we will be free to show them here. They would be worth your while.

Article: 21.06.2017




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