Getting a Grip on „Work 4.0“

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Four Days of VFX and VR Madness: Netural at the FMX

How does ongoing digitization change workplace culture? In 2017, nearly every organization has to find answers to this question.

The favorite buzzword in all related discussions is „Work 4.0“. It describes innovative approaches to organization and hierarchy, to staff management and motivation – and, of course, to all facets of company communication.

The hr-lounge is a network of human resources managers from medium-sized and large companies everywhere in Austria. It promotes opinion exchange and organizes discussion meetings on current topics. On May 10th, Netural hosted such a network meeting with a focus on „digital“ ideas.

55 human resources managers got together in our loft at Tabakfabrik Linz for food, drinks and informal talks in a casual atmosphere. Irene Bouchal (HR) and Albert Ortig (CEO) presented Netural´s agile structures, sharing experiences from last year´s reorganization project. A subsequent tour of Netural´s own co-working loft „Axis“ was a essentially a walk through real-life „Work 4.0“. What participants took home that evening was a wealth of inputs about digital communication and services with lasting impact on human (and staff) behavior.

Josef Buttinger (founder and president of hr-lounge), Albert Ortig (Netural), Günter Wagner (TIGER), Stefanie Reitmaier (OÖ-Nachrichten) and Paul Scheran (Wintersteiger)

Tobias Höglinger (dm), Michaela Dürnberger (Landwirtschaftskammer OÖ), Bernadette Schwind (Smurfit) and Christian Leposa (AMST)

Stefan Grabner (VKB), Stephanie Kneifel (Schachermayer), Andreas Pusch (MARK) and Manfred Bauer (Wacker Neuson)

Herbert Wagner (Pöttinger), Elisa Fischlmayr (Deloitte), Klaus Seybold (Primetals) and Irene Bouchal (Netural)

Gerhard Schmid and Josef Einfalt

Karl Straßer

Horst Feifer (BBRZ), Elisa Fischlmayr (Deloitte) and Hubert Lehenbauer (Rübig)

Josef Buttinger (founder and president of hr-lounge)

55 human resources managers got together in our loft at Tabakfabrik Linz

An attentive crowd.

Albert Ortig (Netural)

Wilfried Blaschke (Lenzing) and Franz Xaver Mayr (Diözesanfinanzkammer)

An evening full of „digital“ ideas.

Among our guests were Herbert Wagner (Pöttinger), Markus Schaubschläger (Miba), Manfred Bauer (Wacker Neuson), and Tobias Höglinger (dm). The evening´s general consensus: No other part of life will be changed by digitization more dramatically than work. Forward-looking companies need to come up with visionary ideas, and soon.

Article: 11.05.2017




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