Four Days of VFX and VR Madness: Netural at the FMX

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Getting a Grip on „Work 4.0“
"Towards the Digital Champions League"

From its first edition in 1994, FMX has been a must for the visual effects community. From May 2nd to 5th, Europe´s biggest 3-D animation and digital video effects (VFX) conference drew droves of VFX, 3-D and VR artists to Stuttgart, Germany. We joined the crowd.

Main venue: Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart.

Multimedia artist Martin Sighart cultivates Netural´s proud tradition of applying innovative technologies long before the real hype sets in. Last week he traveled to Stuttgart for inspiring international keynotes and lively exchanges with the digital arts community.

The conference agenda invited to look „beyond the screen“, treating, in addition to „linear storytelling“, themes like „immersive worlds“, virtual reality and augmented reality.

This year´s highlight theme was real-time 3-D visualisation in the automotive industry. Automotive companies were pioneers of 3-D visualisation. Today, they operate to the highest standards of visual quality and attention to detail.

International keynote speakers like Jessica Brillhart (Google VR), Frank Vitz (AMD) and Krzysztof Rost (Pixar) presented fascinating concepts for storytelling in 360°-videos, treated the future of animation films in real-time rendering and offered insights into the challenges of photo-realistic representations.

We appreciated their input. It helped us to get a grip on our own potentials. Our latest projects like the VR installation "Dominator Illumen“, our work for Cabinet, and the AR installation for the „Mythos Schönheit“ exhibition have proven to be on par with the best. All the more, we enjoy an exchange of ideas and opinions.

Suffix: Sending a 3D artist to a 3-D conference taking place on "Star Wars Day", brace yourself for the inevitable….

Article: 10.05.2017


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