Strategy 4 - Digitalize Even Highly Complex Order Processes

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To Gain Capacities for Your Sales Team´s Core Task: Consulting.

B2B e-mail orders are still widespread, demanding additional manual process steps and creating extra overhead costs, because data handling and control workload increases in lockstep with product complexity.

Purchasers expect efficient digital ordering processes, and e-mail does not fit the profile. “Stop wasting precious man hours deciphering individually formulated orders. Sales teams should instead play to their USP, turning long experience into qualified advice that sells,” says Peter Gollowitsch, Director Business Development at Netural.

Netural Solutions:

To set sales team capacities free for one-on-one customer advice, Netural recommends efficient digitalization of even highly complex ordering and value-added processes:

  • B2B shops work for all products, regardless of their complexity.
  • Online configurators replace hand-drawn sketches and other inaccurate means of communication in the ordering of customized products.
  • End-2-end processing transmits orders from shopping carts directly to production facilities.
  • A joint order processing “cockpit” connects back office and field staff, providing everyone with the same latest information.
  • Checkout processes automatically gather relevant information in advance, such as, e.g., the delivery address for calculating delivery times.
  • Customers can check the delivery status online, keep direct contact with the back office and are in an active relationship that invites further development by the sales team.

Peter Gollowitsch, Director Business Development at Netural, supports brand manufacturers and industrial companies in sales digitalization

Netural Best Practice:

The eva (enjoy voestalpine) platform combines online product catalogs, order tracking and individual authorization management for increased efficiency in core B2B sales processes. Over the next five years, this platform of voestalpine´s Steel Division will provide several million data sets (orders, delivery notes, invoices, delivery notes and certificates) for over 4,500 types of steel, efficiently servicing some 2,000 voestalpine internal and external customers.

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Article: 24.06.2024




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