„The 3-D“: Netural Technology Supports Star Photographer

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Last weekend, Netural once again demonstrated expertise in creating virtual worlds. The Netural Lab had created a virtual walk through a spectacular 3D photo exhibition, using Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Photographer Horst Stasny, Salzburg, looks back on a long and highly successful career. Famous international photo galleries and advertising agencies hold him in high esteem. With his „The 3-D“ exhibition he embarks upon a new creative path, and he trusted the Netural Lab with solving the challenges inherent in this experiment.

The exhibition, which will run until April 30th April in the industial loft event location METAStadt Event-Location, shows super-large four by five meter nude photographs in stereoscopic 3-D. Stasny coopted Linz-based creative director Sigi Mayer to tackle the highly complex preparations.

The main challenge Stasny and Mayer had to overcome was the inherent complexity of 3-D photography and its presentation in an exhibition environment. They turned to Netural for a virtual 1:1 recreation of the show, intending to make the exhibition location-independent and accessible for the general public. This involved the especially challenging 3-D visualization of stereoskopic photographs on 2-D surfaces in a virtual space. The highly complex solution can be compared to virtualizing the effects of movie theatre 3-D glasses.

The Netural Lab achieved this by creating an innovative application involving Samsung Gear VR Headsets sponsored by Samsung Austria.

The Lab´s 3-D experts produced a life-like recreation of the exhibition room. Using the two lenses inside the headset they managed to display 3-D photos on 2-D walls in real-life colors and with impressive dimensionality.

The virtual walk through Stasny´s „The 3-D“ exhibition demonstrated the potentials of the new Samsung Gear VR Headset and the capabilities of the Netural Lab, which is currently looking into its next 3-D projects.

Article: 21.11.2017




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