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Safety in everyday life for the elderly is the objective of the „SafeMove“ app. This research project is gaining traction, turning heads at this year´s Integra, Austria´s leading fair for geriatric care, everyday support and mobility equipment.

Integra in Wels is a widely popular annual trade fair for care, rehabilitation and therapy. Physically disabled persons and their families go there for latest trends and products, life quality support ideas and to share experiences with fellow sufferers.

Austria´s national broadcast company ORF contributed a show stage. It offered an interesting infotainment program, featuring, among others, Austrian paralympic athletes, Austria´s first barrier-free ropeway, lots of musical entertainment – and, lo and behold!, an introduction to the SafeMove app, and not just once, but twice! Project managers Robert Hartmann and Kathrin Hausberger introduced the project answered questions from an interested audience.

„SafeMove is an international joint development project supported by prominent companies and organizations from various countries. It shows great potential, and after long, intensive research and development we are grateful for chances to introduce the app to future users. Their enthusiastic reactions motivated us to carry on with our work,” comments Hartmann.

Apart from disease and physical disability, social isolation is the greatest strain for senior citizens. Reduced ability to move independently and unassistedly often aggravates this isolation. Mobility is indeed a key to an independent life in the late years.

SafeMove is a control tool which motivates aging persons to keep mobile and independent for as long as possible. It supports professional nursing services, family and friends, enabling them to co-manage the daily schedule of SafeMove users by sending reminders and hints for everyday tasks through the app.

„SafeMove finds increasing interest from many sides. Research has entered the analysis phase, with endurance testing about to begin. We are looking forward to widespread application testing of the app and all its components “, reports Hausberger. Currently, one in four Austrians is over 65, with one in twenty-five over 80. These numbers will double over the next 15 years, lending considerable relevance to the SafeMove project.

The international network behind the development of SafeMove intends to create a modern, up-to-date app solution and has already created quite some buzz and curiosity among future users of this digital companion for the elderly.

Find out more about this app here:

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Article: 29.04.2016




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