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It's been only a question of time – and the answer is NXAI: As a digital pioneer and founder, Netural CEO Albert Ortig has long had a focus on the AI topic. Now he is launching the appropriate entrepreneurial ship: With AI expert Sepp Hochreiter on board, a European Large Language Model is emerging to provide a foundation for AI technologies made in Europe. 

Artificial Intelligence is as intelligent as the people who teach a machine the most “human” thinking possible, using highly complex algorithms. In the heart of Europe, a European Large Language Model is now under full-force development. Its "text comprehension algorithm" is based on an entirely new technology, enabling significantly more powerful AI solutions. The mastermind behind this is familiar and highly appreciated:

L to R: Mag. Felix Neusser (CSO), Univ.Prof. Dr. Sepp Hochreiter (Director R&D, Partner), Mag. Albert Ortig (CEO)

We are pleased to announce that we have incorporated NXAI GmbH in collaboration with AI luminary Prof. Sepp Hochreiter and PIERER Digital Holding. Together, we are driving European AI cutting-edge research to develop innovative solutions for the international market. 

The initial focus is on advancing the new European Large Language Model technology xLSTM created by Sepp Hochreiter and his team at the LIT Artificial Intelligence Lab at JKU Linz (Johannes Kepler University). In other words, both the entire technology and the xLSTM algorithm are entirely European developments and are at the interface between science and business. 

„We are not mere observers. We are active contributors in the midst of one of the greatest industrial revolutions. Both we and our customers will benefit from applied knowledge in the form of latest research results and application possibilities."

Albert Ortig, CEO of Netural

Artificial Intelligence is already a fundamental part of the thinking and solution landscape in all Netural service areas, from consulting to UX/UI design to software engineering, in our thinking and solution space.
Deriving a research mandate from this freshly acquired AI competence, and subsequently establishing NXAI as a company was the logical consequence. Incidentally, NXAI ist the first spin-off launched by Netural X,, the specialist company building unit that has emerged from the expertise of digital pioneer Netural.

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Article: 05.02.2024




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