Humans and AI: An HR Coworking Night, Oscillating Between Neuron Storm and Relaxation

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On May 11, the second edition of the HR Coworking Night explored "Humans and AI": How will we work in the future? Without doubt, AI will fundamentally change work environments and lifestyles. Let's avoid panic, and instead deal with it - the sooner the better, and from both the individual and the company perspective.

Some 50 participants from our extended HR coworking community gathered for a convivial information exchange at the Netural Office loft. Are humans driving AI - or vice versa? This was the great question that evening, and from it rose many more. Netural poet Lisa-Marie performed a strikingly beautiful poetry slam text which dealt with the fears and hopes of a fictional recruiter, and triggered something akin to natural neuron storm in the audience.

Irene Bouchal-Gahleitner, Netural CPO and host of the HR Coworking Days for Executives, moderated the event. Thomas Gegenhuber, Professor at the Linz Institute of Technology, Thomas Premm, AI Student, and Netural CEO Albert Ortig took the podium. In his keynote speech, Albert Ortig held out the prospect that eventually, everybody will be supported by their own, indivdual AI, and that AI holds the potential to create equal opportunities in education.

The five main takeaways from the ensuing discussion were that

  • repetitive activities are in danger, complex and creative ones are not
  • crafts and care are flourishing again, experiencing a renaissance
  • machines are taking over recruiting processes, leaving humans with the task to inspire employees for their company
  • preserving your own critical faculties will be a competence: "Seriously? The Pope in a hipster jacket?"
  • acceptance requires understanding, and therefore learning to use AI as a tool, at an early age, ideally integrated into school lessons, will be important

Many questions remained unanswered: Can AI solve the world's problems? Will we even be able to tell humans and AI apart - and does it matter? Will we use AI with the same ease as today's smartphones?With lovingly arranged culinary treats, interesting conversations with interesting people and accompanied by live music, the evening ended in a relaxed atmosphere and with the philosophical question what being human really means. Probably precisely that.

A short review for all who could not make time this time:

Note: This text was NOT generated on ChatGPT, and all photos represent the unredacted truth. The buffet was not arranged by a bot, but by Irene with the help of good fairies from the front office. If one day, sooner or later, a personal Netural AI approaches this task, it will have to fill really big shoes.In case you are interested in our special "HR Coworking Days for Executives" event format, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please contact us under

Article: 19.05.2023




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