The Answer to the "Need for Speed": dcupl - Netural's Latest Spinoff

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Born out of real-world app development experience, raised in the successful handling of extremely complex web application projects - and now released to the world market as the already third startup launched by digital pioneer Netural: dcupl is a new SaaS platform offering unrivaled efficiency and speed in the development of data-intensive web applications - fast enough to cut the time to market in half.

The dcupl story started a few years ago, when a client charged Netural with developing a sales app capable of processing massive amounts of data for web and native mobile applications while also delivering Netural's signature design quality and UX excellence. The product made it to rollout in record time - and the byproduct was a highly innovative approach to super-efficient app development.

The two dcupl founders Dominik Strasser and Gernot Bernkopf.

Dominik Strasser and Gernot Bernkopf are the fathers of this success. Their "dcupl approach" is based on three principles:

  • "Frontend First" ensures the quality of the final product by accompanying and efficiently securing app development with user tests from the earliest project stages, using representative data and data volumes.

  • "Dual-Speed" relieves the pressure on the customer´s IT resources: dcupl enables project teams to start the development process without the need for prior deep integration into the existing IT system landscape. Integration happens only after the product has successfully passed all user tests.

  • "Composable Architecture" dramatically increases work efficiency: dcupl is a building block kit which helps developers to speedily compose lists and overviews including all filter and aggregation functionalities without having to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

With dcupl, we relieve the IT departments and can provide developers with real data immediately. This dramatically reduces project costs and halves the "time to market".

Stephan Lechner, CTO Netural

During the recent years this approach has proven itself in numerous projects, again and again encouraging further development, and eventually morphing into dcupl, a SaaS product that has convinced well-known international companies such as adidas, Silhouette and Swarovski. Not least because it offers exciting answers to two burning questions: "Can we be faster - and how? - And can we be more efficient – and how?"

"Faster" means "time to market," and the competitive advantage that comes from halving that is self-explanatory. "More efficient" does not stop with the financial side of a project. These days, the job market is tight, manpower is expensive, and here comes the good news: dcupl can noticeably reduce the required manpower in development projects.

dcupl Application Development Platform for Data-Intensive Web Applications

All this adds up to a convincing product - and once again it was time for a step that Netural had already taken more than once: spin off. One of Netural's success principles is giving talents room for individual development - and the chance to make it big with their own ideas. Storyblok, Responsive Spaces, Social Hearts and roomle are four Netural spin-offs that have successfully established and excellently developed themselves.

Now dcupl joins this quartet. "We are proud and quite excited," comments Netural CEO Albert Ortig: "With Storyblok, we have the unofficial content management world champion in our portfolio. With dcupl, we have a record-breaking efficiency leap in app development on offer. This is a perfect fit for today's market situation."

Interested in dcupl?

Netural has been a dcupl implementation partner from the very beginning. We advise, design and integrate. Arrange a non-binding appointment to get to know us by e-mail.

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