Silhouette App "iMirror"

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Netural takes the successful Virtual Mirror concept to the text level in the latest mobile technology. The tool used: augmented reality.

The development of the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (mobile PDAs with front-mounted cameras and the computing power to handle augmented reality) form the basis. A live 3D film is created in the iMirror by adapting the D'Fusion software from AR global market leader Total Immersion. This is enriched with full access to product details for all of the available Silhouette eyewear models. Head movements made in front of the camera are captured in real time and the modified position of the face consistently corrected as required. The screen therefore represents more than just a classic mirror. The iMirror enables customers to view models which are not physically there on-site – fast and realistic. The virtual trying on of models adapts to modified angles and perspectives without any time delay.

The iMirror showcases the potential of the future technology of augmented reality and offers concrete added value for consumers and retailers. The cutting edge application complements the Virtual Mirror as a solution for the latest generation of end devices.




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