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With its magazine structure, invites extensive browsing. Focusing on a wide range of sustainability themes, this project has helped to pioneer content marketing in Austria.

Wien Energie is a utility company ans provides two million people in and around Vienna with electricity, natural gas and district heating. With its corporate social responsibility project Energieleben, Wien Energie has created an innovative, sustainability-themed creativity platform.

Content Marketing Pioneer

The project´s main intention is communicating news - and inviting discussion - about energy efficiency, innovative technologies and sustainable lifestyles. Wien Energie started the online platform in 2009, becoming a pioneer in the back then quite novel field of content marketing. From day one, Netural was in charge of the conceptual work and operation of the platform, including editorial and community management.

Theme setting, editorial management and community interactions with ongoing inputs and optimization are of key importance for the platform´s sustainable success. Energieleben´s lifeblood is up-to-date reporting by a dedicated editorial team curated by Netural. Expert bloggers give vital support, contributing their views and adding to the platform´s diversity.

Don´t Waste - Repair

By introducing the "Fix It" program, the Energieleben team has successfully created a smart connection between online and offline. During the now 18 repair drives, experts have examined over 1,000 damaged domestic appliances, successfully reviving a considerable number of valuable items and proving the program´s slogan "Don´t waste - repair" in everyday life.




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