Silhouette Web App "Virtual Mirror 2.0"

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Eyewear Purchasing 2.0: all Silhouette-eyewear should be able to be tried on one’s own face "live" – photorealistic and with all colour and lenses variations. Friends should be able to give ratings to the style.

Every month, thousands of users try on Silhouette eyewear online. It’s so simple: upload photo, select eyewear from the Silhouette model palette, and put them on photo-realistically. At the same time, there is the Virtual Mirror Brand Community: users give access to their photo to other Silhouette fans or friends to evaluate and comment. Feedback can also be easily collected using Facebook and Twitter.

The Virtual Mirror reflects finest know-how from the Netural multimedia-smith. It also leads the market in the area of Social Media functionality. Attention is placed on perfect usability and design language.




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