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Doka Schalungstechnik aims to attract industry professionals to its trade show stand at bauma 2013 in Munich with its remarkable service.

Netural is developing a groundbreaking app, proving its appeal at Doka’s trade show stand in 3 phases at once: Firstly making people aware of Doka’s particularly innovative presence at bauma. A countdown counts off the days until the trade show begins; a compass shows me how far I currently am from the trade show location in Munich using Google links. Phase 2 goes one better with in-depth information on the different Doka themes and a competition, before the app turns into a “butler” just in time for the start of the trade show: A virtual signpost leads visitors directly to the trade show stand via camera view and an arrow. Every product there is furnished with a QR code, which elevates the acquisition of information to a new, extremely practical level: The respective product information can be saved onto the mobile phone via camera and distributed via Facebook. When the visitor logs in via Foursquare, an additional goody beckons. Last but not least, the former countdown to the trade show now counts the show elements at the trade fair stand.

An app, which underscores Doka’s innovative strength on a digital level as well. A game at the start to make people curious; into the hot phase with the QR Butler and social media linking a service package with a genuine added value for visitors.


Netural GmbH
Peter-Behrens-Platz 2
4020 Linz

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