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As one of the first private universities in the country, the Donau University Krems offers numerous faculties with an international focus at a high level. The large and complex amount of information available on the internet portal of the educational institution to students and those interested must also be organized in a user-friendly way, prepared and made accessible. In addition, there was a desire for a better management system as related to the orientation on the campus in Krems itself.

At the beginning of the work process, there was a deep analysis of the existing information architecture. Hand-in-hand with this, workshops with the representatives of the individual university departments were held, in order to get to know the needs of the students, as well as for the individual organisation locations in detail. The knowledge gained from this focused particularly to the information to the studies and to the services of the university. The structure of the information amount was arranged more clearly and is now easily understood; the menu control was made more user- friendly. After the revision, the portal also offers tours in 3D for which Netural previously arranged an extensive photo shooting in Krems. On the campus in Krems, newly developed and installed information terminals show the way. Here, information to the university in general, as well to the individual institutes specifically can be accessed.

The Donau University portal meets the expectations of a top university visually, as well as in its content. The design gives the individual study institutes enough freedom to present themselves and their emphases according to their own discretion. The editing system at the foundation of the website allows them to take charge of it themselves.




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