Roomle 3D & AR Planning Tool

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Roomle democratizes interior design, innovates furniture marketing and gamifies room planning and furnishing, supporting user imagination by merging virtual worlds with everyday reality. Meet mixed reality at its leading edge best.

Hyperrealistic Layouting

Roomle meets the „here and now“ spirit of its users, turning the selection and purchase of furniture into spontaneous fun. Room layouts can be drawn with fingertips or derived from an iPad/iPhone scan at the push of one button. The resulting floor plans of millimeter precision are ready for placing perfectly fitted virtual furniture. Augmented reality enables users to review their choices in the context of the real rooms before ordering online.

The recent integration of Apple ́s ARKit makes it possible to view pieces of furniture from all perspectives without placing markers. Convincing visual quality and intuitive use speed up decision-making and purchasing processes.

The Digital Furnishing Platform

Products enriched with smart 3-D data and full functionalities are embedded into the digital furnishing platform to enable individual customizing, integration in online shops, 2D/3D/AR/VR/mixed reality visualizations and premium quality product rendering.

Disruptive technologies merge with the point of purchase, creating novel sales channels. E-commerce advances from mere digital catalogues to omni-channel shopping experiences: All products / all variations / all perspectives – for all of us!

The Revolution of Inspiration

Roomle changes the very inspiration and the future way of planning and purchasing furniture – both mobile and on the web: By now, over 2 million registered users have created more than 4,5 million floor plans and furnished them with dozens of millions of items, bringing their inspiration to life. The current growth is around 100.000 organic app downloads, with Germany, Russia, the USA, Brazil and China leading the statistics.





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