Allianz Sales App

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For the Allianz Group Developing we have developed an insurance app which helps sales staff to draw up individual insurance plans on their iPads, in real-time, during sales talks.

Insurance offers are based on highly complex policy mathematics, and hiding the underlying algorithms and data integrity rules under a simple, clear app-user-friendly surface was a challenge for developers and UX experts alike. In an enormously short project run-time of only eight weeks, and operating shoulder-to-shoulder with the IT-team of Allianz Group´s globally active subsidiary AMOS, we orchestrated the transfer of complex data from existing systems to the iPad. Mockups provided by the client were reflected on and transferred to designs by Netural´s User Experience experts. The technological fundament was an ionic framework, chosen for the huge flexibility it lends to the app: It enables the client to independently develop the app further and to roll it out internationally, country by country.

An ambitious collaboration project which challenged not only our ability to understand complex processes, but also the agility of our team, with our developers working on-site at the client´s headquarter.




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