Silhouette App "Atelier"

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Silhouette Atelier Collection eyeglasses are handmade custom masterpieces. The challenge was to create a digital tool of appropriate aesthetic quality which supports retailers in configuring custom models and inquiring their prices with Silhouette.

When customers inquire about 18 carat gold frames and real diamond ornaments, an excellent, exciting visualisation and presentation tool should be at hand. The Atelier app lives up to the highest expectations with its consistent design elegance down to the tiniest details and visuals which perfectly match the brand personality. Opticians and retailers use it to configure materials, shapes and colours to meet customer requests, to view and show the results in 3-D and to send a quote request to the Silhouette customer service.

A tool to promote luxury! Introduced at the Mido 2016 international eyewear show in Milan, this configurator quickly gathered enthusiastic users and created visibly – and continuously - elevated demand.




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