Metrohm Sales App "OMNIS Daily"

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Metrohm is a Swiss-based, globally active producer of analytic measuring equipment. The company intended to feed its sales crew continuously and „on-the-go“ with sales-relevant information during the launch phase of its latest product, OMNIS.

The „OMNIS Daily“ mobile app provides some 450 registered sales and service staff members with daily multimedia-enriched information bits which convey sales-relevant information about the new product. The visual style is reduced to bare essence minimalism, focusing on content and the user. Notifications motivate regular downloads and quickly turn the daily „information snack“ into pleasant routine. The app runs on iOS and Android and was completed in short four months, meeting a challenging deadline.

An instructional app for sales staff which helps to focus on essential facts, presenting core information in one or two sentences, including a tangible advantage for customers.




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