Roomle Room Planning App

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„Roomle“ has spun off from Netural´s Lab to become an independent business in July 2014.

Planning living and office spaces online, defining the perfect furniture, picking the respective products and buying them on the spot: Applying a bundle of innovations, some patent-protected, to produce a unique user experience, Roomle makes planning and decorating rooms entertaining like a video game. The sum of all these innovations is the cornerstone of a novel, digital sales process in the furniture business. Additional service offers from producers and sellers complement and further innovate the service. The Roomle iPad mobile app is part of this comprehensive e-commerce platform. For the furniture industry, Roomle works as a multipurpose marketing tool all the way to the buyer.

In the spirit of its motto „Bring your plan to life“, Roomle defines itself as much more than just another online planning and furnishing tool, and rather as a friend and supporter on the road from plan to reality. The Roomle app jumped among the top 5 apps in German-speaking countries in the first post-launch month and made it on the App Store Best of 2014 shortlist.




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