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Silhouette impresses with lightweight elegance and exceptional "made in Austria" quality. For more than 50 years, the brand has been a secret favorite of sophisticated eyeglass wearers around the world. Until very recently, these precious glasses were only available in authorized optician shops. Now, for the first time, it is possible to order them online.

Silhouette´s home market was the starting point. Perfectly timed for this year´s summer season, the shopping features were activated for the region Austria, kicking of an agile project involving step-by-step extension into other national markets, always starting with the sunglass range.

In the background, everything is ready for the rollout of the global ecommerce flagship store. The project iterations support gradual adaptations to user behavior and country-specific fine-tuning to provide Silhouette buyers with the best possible customer experience before, during and after the purchase, no matter where they order or which device they use. A clean, integrated shopping cart is a matter of course here, but far from sufficient. Catering to regional preferences, running smooth logistics and delivering perfect customer service are of equal importance. Those are the ingredients of an exceptionally exciting web shop project - transforming a manufacturer from traditional B2B2C structures to a genuine B2X player.

More online leads to more offline

The direct route to customers, as promising and, as a matter of fact, inevitable it may be in an environment of competing digital distribution channels, is paved with loads of initial organizational homework. User expectations and e-commerce standards require a comprehensive rethinking and adaptation of existing processes and logics. Bringing the existing distribution partners on board is of utmost importance, a task made somewhat easier by a multitude of success stories from international pioneers: They all prove that more online business will reliably produce more offline business in the medium term.

The website itself, already a brilliant brand presentation, faces a new, demanding task now: selling. A different set of design criteria gains importance here, with from not only following function, but also the findings from data analysis and A / B tests. The resulting balancing act produced a success that convinced all those who held a stake in the project. enters the digital plaza as a genuine premium store, outperforming standard solutions with stellar product (and product variants) presentation and clever answers to users´ needs and demands. Invisible for the user, highly dynamic and flexible state-of-the-art software purrs under the hood - ready for the road out into the whole wide world.




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