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VIVAMAYR spas are known far beyond Austria's borders as ideal of rest and reinvigoration, with international, and sometimes prominent, guests who come to nurse their health according to the nutritional principles of famous Styrian doctor F.X. Mayr.

Recently named Europe's leading "Luxury Medical Spa", VIVAMAR encourages guests to reduce smartphone, tablet and notebook use to the absolutely necessary minimum while they are there. On the other hand, VIVAMAYR breaks new ground with digital services before and after a stay. Their first step in this direction is a new website that we thought up, designed and implemented in meticulous detail.

Elegant and Functional

The website offers in-depth information about the VIVAMAYR principle and the ancient wisdom it combines with modern science, presents the VIVAMAYR locations in inspiring images and typography, and provides a fully integrated online shop with relevant medical, nutritional and beauty products as a functional pillar of the site.
The login section offers pleasant, trouble-free re-ordering of well-being products after guests have returned to their demanding everyday lives. It also paves the way for further personalization, with new groundbreaking ideas currently in the planning stage.

"The VIVAMAYR philosophy aims at sustainable improvement of the guest´s health and resulting quality of life. To achieve this, we offer care tailored to the guest´s individual needs. We are very much looking forward to further expansions of our digital services, and we are convinced that Netural is the perfect partner for this!"

Marlies Hödl, VIVAMAYR management




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