Silhouette Microsite "Vision Sensation"

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Total precision, latest technology and meticulous care for details are the hallmarks of both the innovative Silhouette eyeglass lenses and their digital presentation.

European premium eyewear producer Silhouette leads the market in rimless eyeglasses and is renowned for innovative, lightweight and always distinct eyewear fashion. Now, this long-standing Austrian company enters new territory with in-house lens production, thereby setting a milestone for the whole industry and proudly introducing products which are “made in Austria” from the first to the very last production step.

Prominent Presence

Immediately after its introduction, this new business got its own individual section on, dedicated to conveying the exceptionally high quality standard of its special lenses.

Block by Block

For detailed insight into all aspects of the lenses, the individual modules are seamlessly stringed together, guiding step by step through the details of these innovative lenses and the underlying technology and thus creating a well-rounded overview. Latest technology was applied in the creation of this modern one-pager, building it with Storyblok, a rising star among content editing systems with unparalleled efficiency in editing and administration content.

Component-based Design System

The web presentation smarty connects emotion and function to make the quality of VISION SENSATION™ tangible. Instead of simply listing information, animated graphics and an interactive comparison slider raise the stickiness of the content.




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