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For the last 160 years, linen woven in Austria´s Mühlviertel region has been on par with France´s and Belgium´s best. Now Leitner Leinen´s new company web interweaves living tradition with modern e-commerce.

True Luxury: Remaining a Manufactory While Leaping Ahead Digitally.

Leitner Leinen is a linen weaver of excellent international reputation, maintaining appropriate brand and quality standards. Here, the artisanal aspect of manufacture corresponds with industrial „batch size one“: Nothing is produced for stock. Every individual quality item is manufactured “just in time” to customer specifications.

e-Commerce Fitness

For this quality producer, Netural has created a brand web which interweaves all the intricacies of individual textile products with comprehensive online shop functionalities. This sets Leitner Leinen on a course towards e-commerce and b-2-c business growth by offering an attractive presentation of the whole product range, complete with a wide variety of filters and specifications. All Leitner products can now be bought online.

Brand-Conforming and Efficient

While the whole web presence conforms with all standards of an international brand, it has been scaled to a “safe” size which will not overtax the capacity of Leitner Leinen´s staff of 30. The web was created for in-house operation and maintenance using „Storyblok“, a highly efficient, cloud-based next generation content editing system. Seamless shop integration, complete with an automatic inventory management system interface, was done on the similarly efficient „Storeblok“.

This provided Leitner Leinen with a website suited for all devices and channels and a barrier-free road towards healthy e-commerce growth.


Netural GmbH
Peter-Behrens-Platz 2
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