adidas B2B Platform "Click"

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Complex order processes, digitized towards total simplicity: With this rationale, adidas introduced the B-2-B full-service platform „Click“, striving for perfect user experience and perfect online order checkout.

Ordering Product Selections – Easier Than Ever.

Steering and processing retail orders and reorders are business processes of vital importance for the success of adidas. Whole company structures are calibrated to smoothly process these procedures, always in accordance with the adidas business and brand rules.

The order platform „Click“ helps retailers to efficiently place preorders for highly customised adidas and Reebok “next season” selections, including accurate quantities, size selections and product versions.

Ordering made easy

„Click“ provides retailers with individualized welcome pages which will automatically display latest product suggestions, complete with current availabilities and individual rebates. A smart „guided sell-in“ concept guides retailers through the compilation and ordering of a selection package which complies with applicable terms and conditions.

Mood-boards and presets contribute to efficient ordering. „Click“ prevents ordering mistakes and helps retailers to make the most of purchase terms and conditions.

Perfect checkout

What sets this platform apart is, firstly, its impressively clear intuitive UX design. But even more spectacular is the sophisticated checkout which steers users through more than 10(!) different customer parameters and a wide range of customization options. It takes some exceptionally smart data processing in the background to keep such a complex process on the real-time track.


Early prototyping and tight collaboration between adidas and Netural shaped this project. The effort was rewarded with great simplification and much better efficiency for the company and radically reduced process complexity for the user.




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