Swarovski Intranet "SIA"

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Netural and Swarovski look back on a decade of shared history of building an exceptional and exceptionally efficient intranet for the Swarovski staff.

In 2007, Swarovski launched the first version of the Swarovski intranet, the easily accessible central platform for all internal communication flows. From there, step-by-step improvements progressively covered all company processes, discussions, information flows, tools and documents, creating a virtual collaboration space which consolidates the crystal division and supports its dynamics.

Global OS

2017 saw the third comprehensive relaunch since the start of Swarovski intranet, including a redesign to meet latest brand standards, and a general reorientation towards the now ubiquitous mobile devices. The main technical challenge was integrating a plethora of existing, often individually customized content and apps. Reviewing formerly iron-cast paradigms from the perspective of the workforce was part of the process and helped considerably to meet current and future challenges.

The project path led away from the traditional portal philosophy towards a mobile media magazine concept with a highly attractive editorial look & feel, characterized by individually customized functions and information flows from all parts of the company. A smart global search logic supports location-independent collaboration.

Exceptionally beautiful UX

From the very start, development focused on achieving the most self-explaining, aesthetically pleasing user experience possible. The goal was to speed up information access for every user in every location, business division and hierarchical function – in an aesthetic quality which, up to now, was the privilege of global brand sites, overcoming the challenge to cover a highly complex information architecture in real-time to efficiently support collaboration across continents, borders, locations and business divisions.


From the very start, SIA provides every user with a personalized info stream which is open to further customizing by adding locations and business fields. A custom app bar gives access to an individual workspace containing documents, processes, time zone information etc. The „Don’t Miss“ function preserves success-critical or business relevant information. By embedding the internal messenger service „Yammer“, Swarovski integrates intranet and enterprise social network for the first time.

Users received content and user experience with delight, and special enthusiasm came from SIA´s about 300 international editors who appreciated the new editorial design with its widely expanded creative possibilities.




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