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At a record-breaking pace, W&H Dentalwerk has transformed its first B-2-B shop for authorized retailers into an international e-commerce platform which is now also open for dentists in selected regions.

W&H takes bold steps to meet market demands, and the field of e-commerce is no exception. After successfully test-driving B-2-B shops in Italy and Austria/Germany, selling second-hand products to authorized retailers, the shop is now open for B-2-C transactions in Austria, Australia and Canada. Effective immediately, dentists from those regions can buy dental equipment, consumables and open-box items online.

Individual Shop Solutions

Using Storyblok Commerce as a technology platform, W&H can smoothly roll out further shops, covering regional specifics like currencies or legal requirements for payment modules. In addition to implementing the multi-shop infrastructure, Netural has contributed the user experience-optimized shop design.

High-Speed e-Commerce

This concept helps W&H to cover a wide variety of requirements and demands, and to develop further individual shop solutions at an enormously fast pace. Enthusiastic feedback came from customers and W&H regional representatives, encouraging more e-shop rollouts in the near future.




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