W&H Website Relaunch

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Safely replacing outdated content management systems of organically grown big, success-critical websites often presents serious challenges. Our showcase for professional handling those is the wh.com relaunch.


The leading dental technology producer from Bürmoos has been our client for a whole decade, proving the strategic benefits of digital services for best-in-class companies by ongoing innovations like a video channel for dentists or a global B2B shop.

The wh.com frontend has always been state-of-art, undergoing systematic facelifts until 2013. Editors have long enjoyed its efficient enterprise content management system, but in spite of all its functionalities, it could not keep up with the growing demands of a global digital brand presentation. W&H decided to replace it with a latest generation cloud-based headless CMS - Storyblok.

Clever Design for Push-Button Transfer

The central demand in the project was user experience quality without any compromise. Furthermore, the content elements of the new design had to follow the long-established pattern to avoid complex adaptions of hundreds of products. What loomed as an impossible balancing act worked out smoothly. Programming a smart special export/import interface enabled the frictionless transfer of all content without manual editing. Enter the new, improved wh.com: a modern, clear website presenting brand and products, fully responsive for mobile devices, and soon in dozens of national versions. Storyblok provides fast, efficient and highly flexible content maintenance via browser and offers world-record performance, thanks to Amazon Web Services.




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