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Leading regional real estate specialist WAG takes center stage with the simple, clear and very pleasant appeal of a whole new brand design and a freshly relaunched website. Both tenants and buyers will enjoy the new flexible real estate search function on all devices.


During the last 75 years, WAG has earned a reputation as the Upper Austrians´ reliable partner in all things real estate, from housing construction and renovation to brokering and property management. A recent brand relaunch earned the company more visual impact. This also presented a unique chance to relaunch the website and add some new and very useful functions, among them the planning tool Roomle to support apartment hunters in their decision-making.

House and apartment hunting made easy

Modern websites impress with large visuals and elaborately designed details without being pompous. WAG´s new web presence is an excellent example: simple, clear and self-explanatory, but also lively and inviting, quite like an elegant apartment, and therefore a perfect fit for a real estate company. Netural has again lived up to our promise to „show the beauty and hide the complexity“, crosslinking many different data flows to provide a dynamic user experience.

Functional on every screen

The relaunched design is appealing, the flagship function is the flexible, location- and user preference-oriented search. The resident service provides information for tenants and owners on all devices, such as notebooks, as well as tablets and smartphones.




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