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Explore our AI Service Offer

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AI Challenging Team

Expanding possibilities with targeted AI services from Netural

  • Shaping the Future

    Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, that much is certain. In a world where AI plays an increasingly significant role in our daily interaction with technology and digitization, we pose the ultimate question: Where is the meaningful use of AI in business - and how can it be evaluated?

    How can AI become an absolute advantage for a company

    With our AI Challenging Teams, we offer you sparring - to determine whether traditional approaches in complex processes can be replaced by AI. The goal is to recognize, assess, and offer targeted AI services together with your team and a Netural AI expert team.

Interested in AI Sparring?

Successfully integrate AI into your company with an AI Challenging Team from Netural.

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Here's how your offer could look!

At Netural, your company is at the center of our focus – that's why we provide individual offerings to guide you and your team on the path to success. Our goal is to perfectly understand your needs and create solutions that bring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to your business!

1. Your tailored workshop for groundbreaking projects

Discover the AI future of your company in an exclusive workshop that offers initial ideation and a comprehensive potential analysis. Together with relevant stakeholders, we create a map that reflects your ongoing projects, planned initiatives, and potential AI innovations. Experience how your visions are linked with AI expertise and revolutionize your business solutions. Feel free to schedule a workshop that takes your projects to the next level.

2. Ongoing Exchange Forum for Effective Collaboration

Establish a continuous exchange forum that ensures optimal results through regular sparring. This forum provides you with the opportunity to discuss operational questions and efficiently coordinate projects and plans.

3. Consultation Retainer for Immediate Responsiveness to Short-Term Inquiries

Secure a fixed-hour consultancy retainer to respond promptly to short-term inquiries without lead time. Thanks to the consultancy retainer, we are available to assist you anytime, providing immediate expertise and smooth collaboration with our consultancy retainer service.

Artificial Intelligence is the universal technology of our time and therefore the key to entrepreneurial success.

Albert Ortig

CEO & Founder of Netural and Roomle

Why is targeted AI Consulting that important?

Lack of AI Know-How in the company

Generic AI works well and is understandable. Chat GPT or Midjourney are programs that can be used without extensive prior knowledge. However, the specific and use-case-optimized deployment of AI cannot be achieved without AI expertise.

Lack of experience in dealing with AI

Many companies lack internal experience and knowledge about which technologies can be used at what cost. And often, a dash of utopia is needed to truly exploit the potential.

Complexity and integration issues

Day by day, new AI models, apps, and studies appear, which are challenging to oversee, and decisions made today may look outdated tomorrow. The carefully prepared project or long-optimized process can be parallelly thought with AI without much additional effort.

Lack of agility

The development of AI-supported services requires radical agility, as otherwise, time and resource investments can escalate quickly.

Lack of information for employees

Companies often underestimate the cultural implication of the technology! Because picking up teams, considering their wishes and considering fears is a central element of the transformation.

  • What is the goal of the AI Challenging Team?

    As a digital service provider, Netural offers comprehensive, sustainable, and successful services. Together with your company, Netural establishes an AI Challenging Team, comprising employees from your organization and Netural experts. This internal advisory unit for the deployment of AI can be utilized by the entire company. Companies benefit, among other things, from improved decision-making, optimized processes, and increased efficiency.
    Simultaneously, the AI Challenging Team acts as a catalyst, actively introducing and embedding AI topics within the company.

  • A powerful partnership within the AI Challenging Team

    A strong team requires costume-made solutions. Our offering provides you with the opportunity to fully leverage the potential of the AI Challenging Team while meeting your unique requirements.

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