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Some dare to stand up to the current standstill: Companies have hit the ground running to make their products available online. Now it´s time for them to consolidate their structures.

"Over the last few months, entire operational teams have gathered their forces to ramp up online shops and market products in spite of the ubiquitous lockdowns", reports Albert Ortig, Managing Director of Netural. Now, in the aftermath of these rapid crisis responses, it is time to automate the processes, data and structures that make up successful e-commerce channels, creating a new normal that will operate without permanently overtaxing the organization. The same challenge to adapt and consolidate is also present for companies that intend to open up to end customers strategically.

“Click & Collect” - the best of both worlds

For many years, Netural has accompanied prominent companies and brands on their routes from pure B2B to direct end consumer sales - with premium eyewear provider Silhouette as the most recent case. Its brand web is now a flagship store as well. In addition to sunglasses, For the first time, customers can configure not only sunglasses but the full range of optical glasses online, do a virtual try-on and order their choice for "Click & Collect" at their preferred optician, professional service and advice included. "This is a novel shopping experience which connects the spontaneity of online shopping with the service level of stationary retail, putting the brand to the very best use for long-term B2B partners", explains Albert Ortig.

Pleases and sells -
the "Silhouette Buy-Local" platform.

Headless technologies by and with Netural

Really great online shopping requires an inspiring user experience and fast loading times, and beyond that also uncomplicated payment processing and perfect after sales service. To deliver an order quickly and safely, many threads need to run together smoothly - on a high-performance, ideally scalable platform.

"Netural has long relied on headless technologies to meet our clients´ demands for total flexibility and individual customizing."

Stephan Lechner, CTO Netural

So-called “headless” technologies manage data and make them available via API to any target medium - be it the web, an app or a shop. "Headless" architecture offers significantly increased flexibility and scalability: "For example, entire shop systems can be exchanged within a manageable framework", explains Stephan Lechner. Netural uses, among other tools, the internationally successful headless CMS Storyblok and, derived from that, the B2B-focused store technology Storeblok. The latest addition to Netural´s toolbox is Shopify, a technology for everything from small standard shops up to highly scalable marketplaces used by brands such as Walmart and Tesla.

Successful online business requires, beyond a user-centered perspective, the necessary technology and the underlying automated processes, one essential ingredient: an adequate organizational structure with the right people in the right spots. If you are interested in this particular aspect, please join our „HR Coworking Days for Executives“ format for a productive optinion exchange.

Article: Lydia Kaiser / 13.04.2024




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