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Albert Ortig speaks about successful sales digitalization

Every year since 2018, speakers from prominent companies have followed an invitation of Upper Austrian daily Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, gathering in Linz to discuss digital transformation as well as online marketing developments and trends. This year, Netural CEO Albert Ortig was chosen to hold the Digital Days opening keynote on “Successful Sales Digitization”.

"Digitization is the alignment of one's own products and services to the respective user," sums up Albert Ortig, CEO Netural.

From Personas to the Digitalization Roadmap

Stakeholders differ widely in their individual approaches to one and the same industrial or brand product. This lends special urgency to total user focus from the very start: The “inside-out” approach of (product) development driven by engineering and value-creation processes is a thing of the past. Now “outside-in” approaches focus on the user, and nothing but the user.

Accordingly, “customer journeys” are now built on “personas”, providing insights, which in turn produce a continuous flow of functional requirements that are collected, prioritized and categorized in a backlog list, thus compiling a reliable basis for defining feasible milestones and solutions together with plausible budgets on the road to an integrated, sustainable digitalization strategy.

Digitization offers enormous potential for manufacturers, retailers and the processes in between. If a company overlooks this transformation of the entire organization, this potential turns into a substantial threat.

Priceless Real-Life Insights

In his keynote, Netural CEO Albert Ortig did not stop at outlining the flow of this type of projects. Instead, he presented specific real-life examples with valuable insights into the reality of sales digitalization. Showcase projects ranged from premium eyewear manufacturer Silhouette, who implemented a “Click & Collect” online solution for partner opticians as a “Buy Local” initiative, to industrial giant voestalpine, whose innovative sales and product platform reduces order and logistics processes to the point where future customers can place the most intricate steel orders with the speed and convenience of excellent online shops for consumer goods.

Key Take-Away

Adding to priceless insights and experiences from real-life digitalization projects, Albert Ortig gave a summary that really resonated with the audience: "Successful digitalization is a mix of 30% technology, 70% organization - and 100% user. The user is not only the start point of every successful digitalization project, the user remains the linchpin of every decision during every project stage, and at every milestone. Lose your user focus, and you lose the race.”

Article: 13.04.2024




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