Strategy 5 – Efficiently Orchestrating Data for Sales Support Purposes

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Digitalization has provided companies with a variety of data that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. Every organization uses countless business tools that make these data available, but they face three, often far-reaching, limitations:

  • Compartmentalization: existing data are stored and accessed separately, and do not communicate with each other: purchase data, marketing data and website data need to be linked if you want to use them in a meaningful way.
  • Lack of strategic ideas: Without a big idea guiding data analyzing and linking, even the richest data treasure cannot be useful and profitable for sales. Here, a user-centered approach can be very helpful.
  • Outdated tools: More often than not, the usability of business tools lags 10 years behind current user experience conventions: Sales staff who privately use Google, Apple and social media apps with their clear, simple and comprehensible interfaces, find themselves baffled by business tools with needlessly complex functions and interfaces.

Lack of data links and data smarts, together with overwhelmingly complex user interfaces, makes for unnerving, time-consuming workflows and prevent the efficient orchestration of all (theoretically) available data in a coordinated toolbox. More often than not, this will lead to massively reduced acceptance of data solutions, both with internal and external users. To add insult to injury, performance, location-dependent access and maintenance requirements (e.g. due to redundant system connections) can and do drastically limit the usability of such solutions.

Netural develops customized, integrated digital sales solutions with and for our customers:

  • The Netural Frontstage framework enables the seamless merging of existing databases from heterogeneous systems, including enriching steps where necessary, for highly efficient use with a unified “state of the art” user experience. We efficiently match the company's digital strategy requirements with the potentials of its existing IT infrastructure and the demands of the market.
  • Headless wins: Centrally integrating all common systems pre-system environments (ERP, CRM, DAM, PIM,...) by SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, Celum, etc. into a platform elegantly replaces front-end “silos”.
  • Customized business intelligence tools and sales cockpits provide the sales team with speedy access to meaningful, profitable data to control and optimize sales activities.
  • Digital services achieve multi-platform capability (web, iOS & Android, individual digital touchpoints) without creating additional burdens for the company's IT.
  • Multi-award-winning user experience and service designers create user interfaces that are not just elegant and intuitive, but, most importantly, optimized for the individual application situations of sales staff and customers.

Using selected real-life examples, our summer series explores how your sales team´s user journey is at least as important as the user journey of your customers. If you would like to learn more about the digitalization of your sales or check Netural´s references, please send us an email:

Article: 04.10.2021




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