Make one out of four: The new HOLTER Platform

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Platforms That Make Sense: The Road to Win-Win Paradise

Until very recently, sanitary wholesaler HOLTER catered to the individual information needs of diverse target groups on a total of four different corporate websites. Now Netural has created a unified platform on which all target groups are met according to their needs and guided through a vast product range to the goal of their desires.

The HOLTER Group is a plumbing and heating wholesaler headquartered in Upper Austria, a fifth-generation owner-managed family business with nearly 900 employees at 25 locations in Austria and Bavaria. As a wholesaler with strong consulting expertise with end customers, HOLTER serves a broad range of target groups, from young couples who come to the HOLTER showroom in search of their new bathroom and seek advice, to plumber businesses which benefit from HOLTER's excellent logistics, to project developers who commission complete building services projects from HOLTER.

The company markets a growing range of products far beyond bathrooms and installations, and has lately even added pools and wellness – which subsequently kicked off the new web project.

Realizing that cross-selling in a landscape of four isolated websites is very cumbersome, Netural set out to bring together all of HOLTER's service areas on one website with a target group-specific navigation and content concept. Their main intention was to address the growing share of online-savvy users in practically all customer demographics.

Welcome to Win-Win!

The solution is a bouquet of tailor-made information and inspiring offers for all target groups, implemented with real online shopping convenience:

  • HOLTER presents sample bathrooms complete with pricing to attract young online-savvy users. Smart filters use features such as price, room size, accessibility and/or sustainability. Just a few clicks guide users to the bathrooms which fit their preferences.

  • Clearly defined products and services are also in offer in the areas of building services, heating, pool & wellness. For those seeking information, a wide range of inquiry options is available at the touch of a button.

  • One endpoint of the user journey is a consultation appointment in a HOLTER sales showroom. Netural has automated the previously time-consuming preparation of appointments, introducing intelligent online forms: Different answers to a question trigger different follow-up questions. Answering questions that precisely match their needs, users feel that they receive individual advice online, while the system automatically gathers all the necessary information for the subsequent personal consultation.

  • Cross-selling and up-selling components on the website and in the new consultation form encourage users to follow up inquiries in one area, e.g. bathrooms, with inquiries about building services, pools or wellness.

These strategic features have turned the new HOLTER platform into a highly efficient lead generator: in the first 30 days after "going live," HOLTER already counted 200 qualified leads.

The increasing number of inquiries gets processed quickly and efficiently because users make intensive use of the new consultation form questionnaire and the associated upload options for plans and photos, saving an enormous amount of time and effort in the sales process.

HOLTER is also registering an increasing number of online inquiries in the traditionally analog property and project business, because the new web not only cultivates the relationship with the end customer, but also with plumbers, the sales partners, and architects, planners and project developers, the all-important sales intermediaries.

Everything under one roof

The new web provides them all with targeted service and consulting offers, from procurement procedure support and professional planning services to the industry-leading B2B webshop, HOLTER Online. All this is now at hand under one unified digital umbrella.

HOLTER Platform users feel like they are in paradise, because Netural has thoroughly sounded out the needs and expectations of the different user types in co-creation workshops. Conversations with users helped to define key website functionalities that generated real, measurable added value within just a few months.

Article: 23.08.2022




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