adidas eyewear Configurator

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adidas eyewear is launching a new, totally customisable Originals eyewear range. Frames and lenses of the stylish accessories can be broken down into several individual parts and each individual part comes in a variety of colours and shapes. An online configurator conjures the dream eyeglasses “live” onto the viewer’s face, and as integrated component of the adidas eyewear brand app also makes this possible while mobile.

See what’s cool without sensing the complexity, and on all terminals. 3D artists and programmers at Netural have implanted representations of “millions of combinations” into the configurator and skilfully enabled photorealistic displays of (neon) colours and materials. The user doesn’t sense the complexity, as the “try on” function makes switching between 3D view and “try-on” gratifyingly easy and in real-time. The user interface is also intelligent in another way: The massively long product code assigned by the merchandise inventory system is converted into an easily manageable 6 digits, which simplifies shopping for the buyer. The configurator is part of the adidas eyewear brand app, and is integrated into B2B shop and other tools for purchasing and ordering transactions for opticians and service staff.

A unique solution – compelling to all media forms and linked with target group appropriate social media (share function, best ranked), while deeply integrated into the internal processes.




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