Doka Online-Shop

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Brand development and simultaneous design and implementation of an international webshop.

An Italian construction company buys 15 tons of second-hand formwork from a Polish seller for delivery to a specified location - a transaction as straightforward as they come, but it still involves enormously complicated sales and logistics processes. Simplifying those is Form-on´s mission. Starting out with a webshop as its single main outlet, the newly established company Form-on set out to radically innovate the global second-hand formwork business. Netural accompanied this whole process, developing, in a short six months, the brand and corporate design as well as a webshop for use on all kinds of devices. Brand and corporate design happened in close cooperation with Netural´s partner agency Bruketa&Žinić.

Developing a brand design and building an international web shop, from scratch and in record speed, is a tough test for efficiency and compentence in project handling. Netural proved up to the task, providing the solid goundwork for Form-on´s successful launch.




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