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Casinos Austria introduces a digital VIP service for regular visitors: The „My Casinos Austria“ app adds sweetens every casino visit with personalized special offers and extends winning streaks beyond the reach of the standard customer card.

Visit a casino with some extra bit of luck and service, both accessible by smartphone: Casinos Austria regulars can now easily link their customer card with the „My Casinos Austria“ app to enjoy the privilege of paperless check-in and to receive personalized special offers before, during and after their stays at the Casino.

A `Digital Companion´ for Enhanced Experiences

„Congrats, you may enter our money shower!” Casinos Austria really inspire visitors with their new service app. Perfectly tuned to the individual user profile it offers digital vouchers for redeeming by smartphone, sweepstakes and a „Lucky Points“ counter, among others.

Now our visitors have an app at hand that opens new communication and service channels while also offering exciting functions that we can´t wait to expand further.

Roman Melchert, Head of CRM CASAG

Intensive Prototyping for Superior UX

A huge initial effort was devoted to providing truly exciting experiences for future users. Beyond interviewing casino staff and regulars, prototypes underwent testing in real casino environments. The User Experience Design team paid special attention to target group demands like oversized smartphone touchpoints and a choice of font sizes. A „First Steps“ guided tour“ takes freshly registered users on an informative walk through the important functions.

This loyalty app convinces with a very clear, dual structural concept: a news feed with personalized offers, and a „cockpit“ for checking individual profile information like current premium balance, sweepstake tickets etc. Users can also use likes and resorting to customize their Newsfeeds further.

Jackpot Quality Assurance

In one simple sentence, the security profile of digital services in casino environments is `safe and secure like a banking transaction´. Solving the related problems involved synchronizing numerous interdisciplinary teams, which added considerably to the project´s organizational and technical challenges.

The success justified the effort: 2700 downloads in the first sixty days after launch, or fifteen downloads per hour rewarded a digital service with flawless usability and convincing reliability, a proud success which is owed not the least to the tight teamwork between the developer teams of Netural and Casinos Austria.




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