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Leitner Leinen is a family-run Upper Austrian textile producer with 170 years of history, half a millennium of tradition - and a keen awareness of the importance of constant transformation and adaptation to market changes and trends. That's why Leitner Leinen joined forces with their long-standing digital partner Netural to relaunch the corporate website and the Leitner Leinen webshop in a new, revenue-boosting and sustainably future-proof format. The main driver in this project was Netural's consulting expertise regarding the presentation and configuration of the huge Leitner Leinen product range.

The initial situation

Leitner Leinen markets a wide and widely varied range of textile products, from curtains to bathrobes and from bed sheets to curtains. Materials, color palettes, pattern variants and dimensions multiply to a catalog of over 70,000 items. Netural, Leitner Leinen's digital sparring partner for many years, has rich experience in transforming complex product ranges into inspiring, easy-to-navigate user interfaces.

The task

The website and the webshop solution needed be developed from scratch - in an attractive aesthetic that mirrors the high quality standards of this company. With clear navigation and smart filters that keep searching and buying an effortless pleasure. And with content management that ensures efficient, error-proof maintenance and the smooth execution of marketing campaigns.

Towards the solution

In this project, Leitner Leinen benefited from the excellent consulting expertise that Netural has gathered in 25 years of working at the forefront of digitalization and digital transformation. Consulting and concepting focused strongly on the analysis of the product portfolio, the user-friendly, easily navigable presentation of product variants and product categories, sales psychology, the practical implementation of the visual product presentations, and the pricing of the shipping service. The most important secret of Netural´s success is analyzing and answering each and every question in a project from the perspective of the user and his or her comfort.

The implementation

The project turned out a website and a webshop that would proudly suit much larger companies than Leitner Leinen - an efficient marketing machine with an appealing, contemporary look and a user experience that had been fine-tuned in extensive user tests:

  • The huge product range can be navigated with pleasant convenience.

  • The sophisticated Elastic Search filter architecture guides online shoppers according to their preferences through the 70,000-item catalog to the desired products in just a few clicks.

  • Inspiring “hotspots” and a voucher system integrated into the customer account generate maximum sales from every single visit.

  • Modern payment systems such as Apple Pay are integrated, as are efficient CRM tools such as automated newsletter registration.

  • In the background, a high-performance database turns out the relevant images including item numbers in real time.

Beyond all that, the new system offers maximum convenience to operators, for example with a modular kit for effortless content page generation at any time, and with numerous efficient automations, such as data quality checks when importing new products.

The success

The new Leitner Leinen web presence makes everybody happy: online shoppers who enjoy total shopping convenience. And the company, which has enjoyed steadily growing web traffic every day since going live.

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