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The initial situation

The Austrian family-owned Silhouette Group is a global premium eyewear pioneer. Determined to give visitors comprehensive insights into the world of premium eyewear, the Silhouette Group initiated a comprehensive relaunch its website, seven years after the last total revision. Netural, the Silhouette Group´s long-standing digitalization partner, shouldered this project, all the way from concept and development to the global roll-out.

The task

During the recent years, the Silhouette Group has undergone intensive digitalization. The corporate website is a cornerstone of this process, and accordingly the relaunch concept needed to take into account the related rapid changes as well as growing awareness of sustainability themes, increasing competition for ever scarcer human resources, and all associated employer branding requirements.

Netural´s task was to create a sustainable, long-term digital umbrella for the Silhouette Group, one wide enough to accommodate not only three eyewear brands - in addition to the parent brand Silhouette, there are also the sports eyewear brand evil eye and the sustainable lifestyle brand NEUBAU EYEWEAR, but also to cover all business and social agendas of a company with premium standards, ranging from current job offers and a corporate PR section to the company's commitment to sustainability.

The solution

Starting from scratch, the Silhouette Group's corporate website underwent comprehensive rethinking and rebuilding from the ground up:

  • A new look and feel with elegant white reflects the lightness and reduced minimalism of Silhouette's design language.

  • Both frontend and backend have been completely redeveloped.

  • The new website operates on state-of-the-art Responsive Design.

Of particular importance for the relaunch project was the dedicated "stories area" that invites visitors to delve into the manifold facets of the Silhouette Group: "Stories" with blog character make facts easy to grasp and experience, and content more emotional and attractive. An additional in-depth information level invites curious readers to dig deeper into the content and into the world of premium eyewear, thus significantly increasing the retention rate. Micro-animations enliven stories and enhance the experience.

Users come to take a glimpse - and stay to find out more. Every topic is implemented in a maximally attractive way, from the company history displayed in an animated timeline to amazing sustainability-related innovations and on to attractive career options within the company. The success... is something to behold!




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