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Netural, creator of the Covidoor access control system for hospitals, nursing homes and companies, takes control automation another step further, introducing Visidoor, the new flexible, versatile, extremely efficient access control solution for medium-sized and large companies, hospitals, retirement facilities, nursing homes, government buildings, cultural, leisure and educational institutions, hotels, bars and restaurants.

A convincing solution

With Austrian companies now under legal obligation to subject employees and visitors to 3-G controls, the demand for digital access control tools has exploded. The convincing answer to this demand is Visidoor, a simple, fully automated solution for regulation-compliant 3-G access control, installed in no time, easy to use and flexibly adaptable to the practical requirements of individual organizations, facilities and companies who need to control employee and visitor traffic. Even linking to tickets and questionnaires is available.

One app to check them all

The Visidoor app adapts flexibly to all requirements:

  • Installed on, e.g., a tablet computer in the entrance area, it checks Green Pass validity by scanning, with optional linking to other necessary functions such as a body temperature scans or to lock or barrier controls.
  • For one-stop checks of flight, concert or other tickets together with Green Passes, Visidoor links all necessary inputs, including creating a common entry ticket QR code.
  • Simple "bring your own device" is also available, e.g. by scanning a QR code in the entrance area. For tracking visitors or keeping attendance lists, the system scans QR codes of tables and rooms and links to the Green Pass and other available functions.

"Visidoor facilitates secure access to the all kind of locations with the most diverse requirements. Thus, Visidoor makes managing security for companies very simple and inexpensive. "

Netural CEO Albert Ortig

Proven in real life

Visidoor has already proven its value in practical applications. In the hospitals of Vinzenz Gruppe, Visidoor scans Green Passes in the entrance area and verifies visitor identities. The Johannes Kepler University in Linz uses Visidoor as a check-in device, keeping a logbook that can be traced back 28 days and issuing alerts in case of emergencies. In trainer courses of the Austrian Football Association ÖFB, Visidoor records the attendance of trainees.




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